Vocational Student Visa – Non-immigrant Visa- F1 and M1

A student visa program for foreign nationals, F-1 is a non-immigrant type for those who wish to pursue academic studies or a language training program in the US. On the other side, M-1 US visa program is for non-US students who want to visit the US for nonacademic or vocational studies in the country.

Under the F-1 program, students are allowed to work after accepting certain conditions. For example- They can work as a part of on-campus or sponsored employment. An international organization can offer employment to the individual. The visa holder can also join off-campus employment under some conditions.

The non-immigrant student may also work without getting permission from Designated School Officials (DSO) when the job is inside the campus. During the school session, the individual can work only 20 hours per week.

Requirements To Work Under F-1 Program

To work in the US under the F-1 program, Form I-9 is necessary. Each time an employer hires F-1 visa holder for a job in the US, he needs to fill Form I-9. But Section 1 of the form must be completed by an employee. The form is not necessary if:

  • An employee was hired before November 1986.
  • An employer is hiring a non-immigrant student for domestic work on an irregular basis.
  • An employee is not physically working in the US.
  • A contractor offers the job.

Apart from Form I-9, a non-immigrant student needs to fulfill a number of requirements to become eligible to work in the US. They include:

  • A legal passport showcasing the identity of an individual
  • Form I-20 where DSO endorses employment
  • Form I-94

There are several other types of documents that a potential employee can fulfill to get employment. They can showcase the state driver’s license.

On the other hand, foreign students in the US under M-1 visa program can work in the country only if it’s a part of their course or a training program associated with it.

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