Employment Visa – Non-immigrant Visa: H-1B1

H-1B1is a temporary employment visa program by the US for professionals in Chile and Singapore. It’s a variant of non-immigrant H-1B visa which is called H-1B1-Singapore for nationals of Singapore and H-1B1-Chile for nationals of Chile. The US created this special employment visa category in 2003 under the Free Trade Agreements.

H-1B visa program includes 65,000 visa applications. A total of 6,800 are reserved under the H-1B1 variant (5,400 for Singapore and 1,400 for Chile). Most of the rules for the variant are similar to ones with H-1B visa.

The H-1B visa program is governed by several rules and regulations of H-1B visa. The employment period is one year which can be extended twice but only in one-year increments. After that, the applicant has to obtain the visa extension by filing a new Labor Condition Application.

H-1B1 Visa Requirements

The requirements for the H1B1 are largely identical to those of the H1B. However, there are some points that differentiate the variant from the H-1B visa program. It is not necessary to file a petition with USCIS, and applicants can directly consult US consulate for the non-immigrant visa.

  • H-1B1 is for applicants who do not qualify for H1B program due to unavailability of bachelors’ degree or education equivalent to it.
  • Chilean and Singaporean residents who are offered employment for some special duties (agricultural managers, physical therapists, disaster relief claims adjusters or management consultants for Chile professionals and disaster relief claims adjusters or management consultants for Singapore residents) can apply for this non-immigrant visa.
  • Partners of H-1B1 employees can also live with them using H-4 status. They can also study in the US but cannot work.

Get In Touch With Experienced Immigration Attorney

In addition to paperwork, there are certain requirements that petitioners must meet while applying for a H-1B1 visa. Hiring a H-1B1 visa lawyer can assist you in following all the USCIS regulations. We have an experienced immigration law team who can provide you with the guidance to fill the visa application and other necessary paperwork in the proper/required manner and eliminate possible errors.