Treaty Investor Visa – Non-immigrant Visa: E-2 Visa

Individuals or businesses whose country has a treaty of commerce and navigation with the US can obtain the E-2 visa to invest capital in the country. The non-immigrant visa allows foreign investors to work in the US to develop a business. Employees of a company or an employer with E-2 status also qualify for the visa under certain conditions.

Individuals from treaty countries currently living in the US can request a change to get E-2 status. Qualifying employers or treaty investors can start with Form I-129. Once approved and allowed, they can stay up to two years in the US. They can extend the stay for more two years after requests for extension of stay. There is no limit on the number of extensions under the E-2 visa program.

Requirements For E-2 Visa

 Petitioners must be citizens of a country currently having a treaty of commerce and navigation with the US.

  • Petitioners need to prove that they are going to stay in the US with a purpose to develop and direct the investment enterprise.
  • In the case of an employee, it is important to prove that the petitioner is from the treaty country of the investor developing and directing the investment enterprise in the US.
  • Petitioners must show a degree to prove expertise in the area of operation.

Get In Touch With Experienced Immigration Attorney

In addition to paperwork, there are certain requirements that petitioners must meet while applying for a E-2 visa. Hiring a E-2 visa lawyer can assist you in following all the USCIS regulations. We have an experienced immigration law team who can provide you with the guidance to fill the visa application and other necessary paperwork in the proper/required manner and eliminate possible errors.