Tourist Visa – Visitor Visa: B-2

The B-2 visa is a tourist visa to the United States which individuals from foreign countries can obtain for a range of tourist activities. With the visa in hand, they can have a short-term US trip for activities like visiting family/friends, sightseeing, or receiving medical treatment. Individuals can apply for the B-2 visa if their tour’s nature is social or fraternal.

To qualify for the B-2 visitor visa, an applicant must have a valid purpose. It may include:

  • A holiday tour to the US
  • Visit family or a friend
  • Participate in an event
  • A medical visit
  • A short study course. It should be a course for which you do not receive credit

B-2 Visa Requirements

To obtain the visitor visa, an applicant has to prove that it will be a short-term tourism trip. In addition to necessary documents, there are plenty of things that can help one get the visa.

  • Prove the trip will be for a short-term
  • Prove your intention to depart the country after a short-term stay
  • Prove you have a foreign passport
  • Prove your foreign residence which you cannot abandon
  • Prove you’ve finance for your trip

Get In Touch With Immigration Attorney

In addition to paperwork, there are certain requirements that petitioners must meet while applying for a B-2 visa. Hiring a B-2 visa lawyer can assist you in following all the USCIS regulations. We have an experienced immigration law team who can provide you with the guidance to fill the visa application and other necessary paperwork in the proper/required manner and eliminate possible errors.